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Prior to the formation of the National Cat Groomers Institute in 2007, no written standards or certification process existed for cat grooming. Now, however, standards for feline grooming styles and quality exist worldwide and are provided by Certified Feline Master Groomers that possess unsurpassed knowledge and skills pertaining to breeds, coats types, temperaments, health issues, and grooming needs for all types of domesticated cats, even those with special needs. The National Cat Groomers Institute has truly filled the gap when it comes to feline grooming by creating a force of elite cat grooming professionals around the globe. 

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To become one of these elite special forces cat groomers, learn more here about the certification process.

Or get started now! We receive requests daily from cat owners around the globe looking for a CFMG to meet their needs. With little-to-no competition and a much greater supply of potential clients than dog grooming ownership offers, the potential for success is huge! The National Cat Groomers Institute provides everything from training, certification, business growth support, marketing aids, inspiration, and more!

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