I am a cat groomer. I groom cats for a living. That means that I actually charge for this service and make money at it. And in doing so, I make life better for kitties and their owners. (Be sure to download the entirely FREE PDF on how to turn those once-a-year clients into regular, maintenance groom clients!)

I am also an advocate for cats. I do not like the fact that too many of them are living life severely matted, pelted to the skin, infested with fleas, covered in waste, or just generally dirty, greasy and smelly. I surely would hate to live that way myself!

Cats are narcissistic little creatures. They like to look good. They like to feel good. They were made to look good. They have skin and coat, which requires regular cleaning in ...

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I love the comments and questions that get posted during my free webinars. This one from The 3 Biggest Mistakes Groomers Make When Grooming Cats (and how NOT to make them) webinar concerns a topic I get asked about a great deal: aggressive cats!

"I would love to see how you deal with fractious cats," the attendee posted in the live chat box during a recent webinar.

And guess what? You can! I've even got a totally FREE PDF DOWNLOAD for you with 5 of my top tips used for handling fractious cats all by myself!

The second DVD I ever did, entitled Kryptonite for Cats, was filmed after I had hit the seminar circuit doing demonstrations on various cat grooms. During my seminars, the aggressive cat questions would always come up. You see, many g...

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The article below appeared in the September 2012 issue of WNC Woman Magazine in Asheville, NC and features CFMG and graduate of the National Cat Groomers School, Kim Burress. To see the article as it appears in the WNC Woman Magazine, click here.

We want to thank Kerry Daniel for writing such an excellent article and WNC Woman for publishing it. Thank you to Kim Burress for continuing to do such a fantastic job of saving the world one cat at a time!

At Last…The Purrfectly Coifed Cat!
Kim Burress’s “Calling All Cats” Brings Mobile Spa Services to Asheville Area Felines
By Kerry Lee Daniel

When it comes to providing unique services for cats, a savvy business person today must think “outside the box.” And ...

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I watched Lochte and Phelps race last night. They both wanted the gold. Not only were they competing against some world class swimmers from around the world, the two Olympians were also in a head-to-head struggle for the coveted gold medal.
The best of the best.

Phelps, the defending champion was beat out in the end by his teammate and closest competitor, Ryan Lochte. During the post-match interviews, Lochte was all smiles and Phelps…..well, he was frustrated and mad at himself. He swam his heart out and yet it hadn’t been good enough to earn him one more gold trophy to add to his already large display of shiny medals.

What drives these guys to win? What drives them to put in long hours year after year, giving up more leis...

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Check out Certified Feline Master Groomer Anjeli Sonstegard's feline-exclusive mobile grooming trailer! Anjeli is a CFMG from Maryland, US and launched her cat only mobile grooming business in 2015.

Danelle Drops In - Anjeli Sonstegard

Feline Exclusive Mobile Grooming Trailer with Certified Feline Master Groomer Anjeli Sonstegard

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Danelle Drops In - Rachel Diller

Part of the Danelle Drops In series by the NCGIA, Inc. Danelle drops in on Rachel Diller CFMG and owner of Urban Sophisticats and The Poodle Shop in Littleton, CO.

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In July I had the pleasure of speaking at the Grooming Festival in Birmingham, England. The show was produced by Groomers Limited and featured keynote speakers, Jodi Murphy and myself. It was a whirlwind of a weekend with a fantastic group of people who made us feel like rockstars when we were first introduced out on the runway stage. Jodi and I started out with a take-off of “On the Road With Jodi and Danelle” DVD series and then each of us went on to teach seminars on specific topics related to our areas of expertise.

temp-post-image temp-post-image temp-post-image
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Get a tour of PreZoomably Cats in Regina, SK with Connie Buchanan, CFMG. Connie is one of the NCGIA Canadian certifiers and also offers a cat grooming school program based on the NCGIA curriculum.

Connie Buchanan

Part of the Danelle Drops In series by the NCGIA, Inc. Danelle drops in on Connie Buchanan, CFMG and owner of Zoom Zoom Groom and PreZoomably Cats in Regina, SK.

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Certified Feline Master Groomer & Certified Feline Creative Groomer Deborah Hansen has built a successful housecall cat grooming business in California. See her housecall kit and learn tips and trick from her below!

Danelle Drops in on Deborah

Housecall cat grooming kit with Deborah Hansen, CFMG, CFCG in California

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I was interviewed recently by a writer at the Greenville Journal. There was so much information that it turned into two separate articles: 1 on the NCGIA and the school and another one on my inventions, the Catty Shack Vac and Chubbs Bars shampoo. I am delighted with both articles and that I got “Quote of the Week!”(However, not everything in the articles is factual………I have learned this is the way of things when the media is involved.)Next month, the Greenville Business Magazine will feature an interview-style article. I look forward to receiving that once it is published. More publicity for the NCGIA!I am thankful for the growth of the NCGIA over the years and that it remains THE source for cat groomer ...

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