1 nice, 1 not so nice

Dear Diary,
Today, I am at a loss for words. I know what you’re thinking. As much as I talk, how could I possibly be at a loss for something to say? Well, I can’t seem to find the words to describe how I feel, but I suppose I could try by explaining the day’s events.
I groomed two female DLHs. The first, Smokey Jane, belongs to a family friend. She’s been sedated and “groomed” in the past but has never had a bath, so I was confident I could send her home looking better than ever. The second was Ruby from the vet’s office. She had also never been bathed, but she certainly needed it!
I started the morning with Smokey Jane. Removing her from her carrier, she mostly seemed a little grumpy but not overly perturbed about what was happening.
Then, I placed my hand on her front left paw to clip her nails, and she decided this was not going to be an experience she would enjoy. Thankfully, I had my trusty Air Muzzle within arm’s reach to keep my hands safe while I clipped her nails and began her sanitary trim.
She was equally unhappy about her bath. Although she didn’t struggle, she would occasionally turn her head and attempt to bite me or the sprayer or anything else that was near her head. For her finishing touches, she fussed and growled and hissed and gave me a look that clearly said “I hate you for this.”
I situated her neatly on the table and stepped back to take a picture. She looked so angelic and dare I say, innocent. I looked at the pictures on my camera and then back at Smokey Jane, wondering if this was the same cat that had been trying to bite off my fingers. I reached towards her to place her back into her carrier when she immediately started growling. “Yep, that’s her!”
My other appointment for the day, Ruby, seemed a little unsure at first but quickly realized that her groom was nothing to fear. She didn’t give me a minute’s trouble over anything. I feel safe saying that she was the most compliant cat I’ve ever groomed. My little sister had wandered out to the shop to be nosey, and by the end of Ruby’s groom, she and I were arguing over who got to brush her!
It was such fun! There’s something quite satisfying about transforming a kitty from greasy and shedding to clean and beautiful. What made today’s experience even more satisfying was the owners’ reactions.
Smokey Jane’s mom was thrilled by how clean her kitty looked and felt. She had a fit when I showed her the handfuls of hair that were removed during Smokey Jane’s groom. “This would end up all over your house, turning into matts, and being thrown up as a hairball had you not brought her to me, and we can keep her looking this nice with a regular groom.”
I guess I lied when I said I was at a loss for words. I have so much to say but am so exhausted that the rest of the story will have to wait!

temp-post-image temp-post-image

Smokey Jane before her groom. Ruby needing a groom. Grease, mats, dandruff, dander, and other icky stuff.

temp-post-image temp-post-image

Ruby’s nappy belly before the groom. Smokey Jane after – more more mats, no more grease!

temp-post-image temp-post-image

Ruby, after her groom and feeling so much better! Ruby’s not-so-nappy belly after the groom, with a smooth sani clip and half belly shave.

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