A Little Me & Julio Time

Another successful 2 week course wrapped up last Friday. I was beat. We groomed a lot of cats and had some great times, but I was worn down and ready for some quiet time.

Back in December, I met a sweet lady named Shirley and her two long hair exotics when she brought the two cats up from Charleston to be groomed for a show that weekend. Both kitties were amazing, but Julio, a black and white bicolor, stole my heart. At the time of the first show groom, he was off to be shown as a Premier to start the process of becoming a Grand. Julio returned home that weekend, only 3 points shy of being a 1 show grand!!

Shirley was on her way to a show again this weekend and asked if I would give Julio his show groom once again. I was delighted to do so. After our final lecture of the 2 week course, presentation of certificates and a delicious graduation lunch, Shirley came by with Julio. As everyone left the school building, Julio and I headed upstairs for some “me” time.
My iPod playing my favorite tunes, sun streaming through the window, and a big black and white long hair Exotic on my table. What could be better than that?! What a purr-fect way to end an already fantastic school session. Thanks for the down time, Julio. I needed it!

I hope you got your last few grand points and now have a new title behind your name.

(sorry I didn’t take pictures, but I was simply too tired to run downstairs and get my camera. Trust me he was beautiful!)

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