A New Chapter


I just posted this in the NCGIA Groomer Survival Guide – a private FB group. Then thought I’d post it here as well. It is appropriate….
Well, we just finished Day 2 of our very last school session. What a great group of ladies here! Canadians are rocking it by being the majority. Three from Canada, 2 from UK and 2 from the US.
I remember all too well January 2010, waiting, waiting, waiting to get my school license approved by the state, unable to solicit for students until it came through. With only 10 days before the start date of our first planned class, the state issued our license and everything was a ‘go.’ Some had doubts that a feline-exclusive school would even work. I got a lot of criticism in those early days – some truly hateful stuff from people I didn’t even know (and glad for that really!). But here we are wrapping up our 6th year of classes with grads and CFMGs sprinkled around the globe. Quite a few of these folks have done some truly amazing things!
It’s be a ton of work, but along the way I had an amazing staff. Dana Goos was there from the very beginning as we worked hard to get students in our doors. Once the first few graduated and went back home to use their newly developed skills, word began to spread. And, in time, our classes filled months in advance, sometimes even close to a whole year! Liz Boles Johnson joined our staff to help me keep up with instructing and later design and create many new things that are sold around the globe today as learning or marketing aids for the cat grooming industry. Then my daughter, Olivia Schipper, joined the team. I am so proud of her and her skills as a cat groomer and instructor – especially at such a young age. Former grad, Lynn Paolillo, made the move from NJ to SC to join our team and has been a fantastic asset, working to organize our methods, create new material, instruct students and help us grow with the times. Last but not least, my husband, Mike, was able to quit is job of 27 years to come on at both NCGIA and Chubbs Bars. I am so happy to have him working with me on a day-to-day basis.
I extend a genuine heartfelt “thank you” to our many students over the years, especially those first 4 that signed up for that very first class with only 10 days’ notice and having no idea what to expect once they got here. Thank you to those that have traveled from afar. Thank you to those that have continually shared your success stories with us along the way.
Now opens a new chapter for the NCGIA. We are excited for new things just on the horizon! We hope you’ll join us as we continue to press on with our mission to provide the best cat groomer training the world has to offer.
Saving the world one cat at a time.

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