Accomplished, Proud, Relieved, Elated, and Giddy

Dear Diary,
Back to the story: As I was returning Ruby to the vet’s office, I was delighted by how the day had gone. I successfully handled a cat that has only been groomed while sedated, and I had the pleasure of grooming one of the most wonderful kitties I’ve ever met. It’s a good thing that I was feeling so delightful; I needed that extra boost to confidently present Ruby’s groom to Linda. I wanted to leave a lasting impression on her and Dr. B.
“This groom could not only be the start of a glorious business relationship but it is also my chance to prove to them what I can do, so there’s both a business and personal investment in it.”
Why did I think? I don’t know, Diary. It was a terrible idea, because it only made me more nervous as I pulled into the clinic’s parking lot. In the next few seconds, I told myself that I was not going to let my nervousness show. Who wants to refer clients to a Nervous Nelly? No one, so I slowed down, took a deep breath, and went through the door with a bag of cat hair in one hand and Ruby in the other.
Linda was at the desk, talking to a client, so I reached into the carrier to remove Ruby. “This is my moment to ‘wow’ them,” I thought. I proudly held her on my arm, show style, for everyone to see. After about 3 seconds, though, she decided to make a break for it. I knew she was tired, so I let her hop onto the counter and run behind the desk towards Linda. She stopped to look back at everyone as if to say, “Feast your eyes on this.” Then she whipped her tail through the air while prancing around the corner, disappearing from sight.
I held my breath in anxiousness until Linda exclaimed, “Wow, Ruby looks great!” I felt a sudden resurgence of oxygen to my lungs as I finally remembered to breath again. She continued to go on about how great Ruby looked and asked if she gave me any trouble. “Not a minute’s worth,” I told her. She jokingly accused me of lying. “There wasn’t a single thing she gave me trouble over. In fact, I think she’s one of the best behaved cats I’ve ever groomed.”
Then I presented her with the piece de resistance – that is, I showed her the handfuls of hair that had been removed during her groom. She was so impressed that she asked to keep the hair to show to their clients, and she told me that she’d be sending as many cats my way as possible!
This is fantastic news, Diary. Linda is not one to be easily impressed nor does she recommend their clients to just anyone. So, you see, I’m not sure how to describe how I feel. Accomplished? Proud? Relieved? Elated? Giddy? I guess it’s a little of each!
(this blog series is being written by Kelcie Brown, CFMG and editor of the CGQ: Creative Groomers Quarterly put out by the National Assoc. of Professional Creative Groomers. She is also the co-author of The Science of Creative Grooming.)

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