And the Award Goes To…..

Hershey Groom Expo, the biggest US show of the year for us at the NCGIA, is just around the corner! We are excited about the show this year as we will have more booth space, an “Ask a CFMG” table, a new member giveaway package, a new book, new products, and Chubbs Bars shampoo!


In addition to all that, we will be attending the Barkleigh Honors dinner as this year. I was nominated for Speaker of the Year, On the Road with Jodi and Danelle video was nominated for Video of the Year, and Chubbs Bars was nominated for New Product of the Year! It should be an exciting night! A great year for cat grooming, to be sure.


I want to thank all who submitted the above nominations. I am truly honored and very grateful for the many good things that continue to grow out of this amazing journey. I hope to see you in Hershey!
Here’s a question for you: Does anyone know when the ballots come out? Are ballots emailed or found elsewhere?

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