Another Opportunity

Dear Diary,
Today, Mom visited our local veterinarian’s office to leave them with some brochures and business cards for A. B. Grooming & Spa. This is not the same vet whose cat I’ve groomed. In fact, I have been thinking I should pay them a visit, but I don’t really know any of the employees there, so I’ve been procrastinating it. Shame on me for doing so.
You see, Mom took them a handful of each of NCGIA’s brochures in addition to her dog grooming literature. When she asked if they wouldn’t mind distributing that cat grooming information as well, the receptionists excitedly told her ‘not at all!’
Then, Dr. M. came to the front desk to have a chat with Mom as well and noticed the brochures. They discussed it for quite a bit; he was surprised to learn that I am grooming cats without sedating them. “That says a lot about her training,” he stated.
Mom inquired about the clinic cat, Punkin’ Kitty, a red tabby domestic longhair and about whether they wouldn’t mind me grooming her. It turns out, though, that she was sedated and shaved only one week earlier. One week. If only I had been brave enough to visit them myself, I could have groomed her before they resorted to shaving her.
Oh well. I cannot dwell on what I didn’t do; I just have to plan a strategy for what I can do in the future. On one hand, I’d like to give them a call and ask to re-groom her completely, giving her a nice lion cut. On the other hand, she’s not kept in a lion cut – it was a last resort groom – so perhaps I should wait a few weeks and then offer to give her a long hair full coat groom. Of course, if her coat is noticeably uneven, I won’t be able to stand it and may have to give her a comb cut. I am not currently offering comb cuts, since I want to wait until I have a clipper vac, but I could make an exception.
I think I’ll make an appointment for her in 4-5 weeks and give them a call as it approaches. I don’t want to forget, and I certainly can’t procrastinate… not again, anyway.

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