Baby, Baby

Dear Diary,
I received my brochures in the mail and went to Office Max yesterday to get display cases for them. I will take some to the local vets’ offices over the next few days, but this morning, I got them ready to display on the counter in the shop.
I really wanted to snap a picture of the brochures with Maxine on the counter. Of course, she decided against having her picture taken. She would hold perfectly still right until the exact moment I tried to take the picture. It was like she could tell when my finger was on the button.
“Fine then. I’ll try it with TFC. Maybe he’ll cooperate.” Well, I should have known better than that. He was worse than Max. He’d turn his head this way or that way or try to knock the container on the floor. I’m glad I used Velcro strips to keep them on the countertop.
Mom and I spent a good 15 minutes waving feather toys, clapping our hands, dangling treats, but nothing worked. “*Sigh.* I’ll take it without any cats on the counter.”
“Oh wait, what’s this? Now Maxine wants to daintily lie atop the counter, after we spent all this time trying to get just one of the cats to hold still and face the camera for to two seconds.” I had to refrain from rolling my eyes too dramatically. At least I got a picture out of it.

temp-post-image temp-post-image

I’m so glad I sat those brochures out when I did. The second client of the day came with a friend of hers to pick up her dog. The friend glanced at the brochures and asked about having her cat’s nails trimmed. That lead to a conversation about grooming cats, what a groom entails, and whether it can be done. And that lead to her booking an appointment! I am so excited! I sent her home with one of each of the brochures with the number and her appointment time written on the back.
She didn’t even require any ‘convincing.’ She knows her cat needs a bath. Her only concern was whether or not I could handle her. “Baby’s awfully large,” she warned me. I assured her that Baby probably wasn’t too large to groom and told her that I had handled some monsters in school.
Now, as the end of the day approaches, my initial excitement is giving way to nervousness. Crap, I’m scared. I just booked a client! I have to take a deep breath and remember that I know what I’m doing. I went to school. I’m a CFMG. I can do this! Wish me luck!

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