C’est la vie

I love hearing good news. I love making a difference. So today I received good news that about how we are making a difference. Double bonus! A great way to end the week!

Thank you, Christele for taking the time to send the message below.
PS. I really wanted to pop in for a surprise visit to your place in Annemasse while I was in Switzerland a few weeks ago. We simply ran out of time to get to that side of Lake Geneva. Next time perhaps…….


Christele's Catty Shack Vac loaded on the truck here in Greenville before it is shipped overseas to Lyon, France. Bon Voyage!

A note from Cristele:


I love my CSV!

Thank you for creating such a useful tool and practice. What I did to do without it until now. I’m already addicted.
What a comfort. Less housework.Un incredible time saver. Less stress for the cat and me. Less swallowed hair or in the eyes.

Merci, merci, merci………..

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