Clients Who Care

During this holiday season, I am reminded of so much that I have to be thankful for. My clients make that list! I just love my long-time clients! I truly appreciate their patronage over the years, but more than that, I love that they love their cats.

One of my clients recently adopted a new Persian kitten and called to ask if I could give her a lesson on how to care for her new baby at home, in between grooms, and specifically how to take care of his eyes in order to prevent tear staining. I was happy to do so! I am all about making life better for the cat and his family, which, in the end, also makes my job easier.

Another client asks regularly if I think her cat still looks healthy. Years ago, while grooming her young Persian, I discovered some indicators of potentially serious health problems. Due to the fact that the owner kept her cat on a monthly grooming schedule, I was easily able to identify new problems as soon as they appeared. Immediate veterinary care combined with diligence saved this little guy’s life. Today he is back on track, maintaining good condition and sound health. If things deteriorate, we will know right away because of the regular grooming that takes place every 4-6 weeks.

There are cats with special grooming needs that we work with on a regular basis. And those with special health problems that require extra attention every time they are groomed. I know that this involves a great deal of trust on the part of my clients. I am honored that this is so, and will do my best to maintain that trust by providing the best care possible for my clients and their kitties.

Through the years, I have had the privilege of getting to know so many of these caring individuals. It has been a delight to provide grooming care for their felines, learning the stories of how each of these cats came to be a part of their families. I’ve been in business for so long, that some of the felines I groomed as kittens have passed away from old age. While sad, it is also good to know that they were well taken care of during their lifetime.
I count it an honor to be able to give advice and offer recommendations to those who have asked about various aspects of their cat’s care. I value the respect that has been shown by so many. I am truly thankful. This business has been an adventure and a blessing to me. Thank you to all of our wonderful clients!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

PS. As I post this, there is a new client out front raving about how good her cat looks after we just groomed it. She is overwhelmed with how beautiful the groom turned out compared to previous grooms elsewhere. Although skeptical when she first came in this morning (rightly so), she is now very happy with services received and pre-booked for her next appointment (which she didn’t think she needed this morning). Yes, I love people who love their cats.

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