Got Goals?

You never reach a goal if you don’t first create one.

Creating and setting goals is foundational to business growth, no matter what the industry. Purposefully growing a business takes a small amount of investment in thought and time.

Set a goal, define it, write it down, and then MAKE IT HAPPEN. When goals are defined, the tactics to make them happen become realistic actions with profitable results.

Increase revenue
Generate more cash flow
Raise morale
Improve output

More productivity, more profit. It all begins with a goal!
Simple stuff – outstanding outcome!

So what are YOUR goals?

I talked about this at the “Stuff You Can Take to the Bank” seminar last year at APF. Want more? We’ve got it! This is just some of what we cover during school sessions at the National Cat Groomers Institute. We will also be available all weekend at the upcoming Atlanta Pet Fair (March 1-3, 2013) to help you with personal and business goal setting. Come visit our booth and check out the drawings for new member sign-ups and membership renewals.
If one of your goals is attending the National Cat Groomers Institute, let us help you set that goal (with a defined time) and make it happen (with a defined payment plan that fits within your budget).

See you soon!

PS. Fern and Petunia look forward to meeting you!


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