Growing Pains!

I wanted to post this great write up about Zoom Zoom Groom owned by Connie Buchanan, CFMG from Canada. I’ll be there in September for some training and the open house event of the new cat grooming facility. You know the cat grooming industry is growing when more and more dog grooming professionals are adding separate feline-exclusive facilities to their existing businesses. All good stuff and I love it!

We just graduated a new class of students – some amazing ladies that I know will go on to do great things! And today we celebrated our 200th CFMG! (At this moment there are a total of 201 CFMGs worldwide!). We also celebrated CFMG #150 in the U.S! I am amazed at the big things that are happening all over the world because of the influence of the NCGIA.

Thank you, NCGIA members and staff, for helping to save the world 1 cat at a time!
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