Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

I was interviewed recently by a writer at the Greenville Journal. There was so much information that it turned into two separate articles: 1 on the NCGIA and the school and another one on my inventions, the Catty Shack Vac and Chubbs Bars shampoo. I am delighted with both articles and that I got “Quote of the Week!”
(However, not everything in the articles is factual………I have learned this is the way of things when the media is involved.)
Next month, the Greenville Business Magazine will feature an interview-style article. I look forward to receiving that once it is published. More publicity for the NCGIA!
I am thankful for the growth of the NCGIA over the years and that it remains THE source for cat groomer training and certification around the world! And I am thankful for the many faithful customers both here locally and those around the world that are able to utilize the Catty Shack Vac and my new Chubbs Bars shampoo in their businesses. Thank you all for your patronage!

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