Howlin’ Confession of a Cat Groomer

I am a cat groomer. My tool kit consists of a number of clippers, various trimmers, nail clippers, a few combs and a pair of 4 inch scissors that have balled tips. Yet, I find I have a confession to make… I purchased 5 new pairs of Geib Katana Cobalt Shears at Intergroom!
I couldn’t help myself! I can’t even tell you how I found myself in a position to have Ed Geib lay a pair of shears in my hand, but what I can tell you is that from that moment it was too late! It wasn’t a matter of if I would purchase shears but how many pair! Somehow I settled on 5 pair that Ed carefully laid into a pair of beautifully crafted yellow leather cases that actually had room for 6 pair.
It is NOT my fault that I came home with 6 pair! Blame that on Danelle, while I thank her! Dear Danelle was so worried that I’d be filled with regret every time I looked at the open slot when I got home that she purchased a pair of curves for me!


Every time I run my hands over the leather case I start to tremble. I keep hearing The Black Keys “Howlin’ For You” running through my head.
Well now
I must admit
I can’t explain
Any of these thoughts
Racing through my brain
Its true
Baby I’m howlin’ for you
Alright “
I’m howlin’ for my new Katana!!! They are effortless to work with and feel like a natural extension of my hand.
Thank goodness I have 5 dogs of my own that still need groomed, and a few very special dog clients that I still care for!

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