Intergroom 2011 Reflection

YAWN! Back from Secaucus! Glad to be back in my little neck of New Jersey amongst the horse farms and seriously less traffic. North Jersey is as foreign to me as it is to Miss Monica!
Intergroom 2011 was interesting. I’m not a fan of the new days or hours, especially the later nights! Foot traffic defiantly felt lighter over the course of all three days of the Trade Show. The biggest difference that Danelle and I experienced at the NCGIA booth happened to be a positive one. While the numbers of groomers attending appeared to be down, the number of folk who knew who we were or had heard of the school was well up. In fact, more than ever before, we had the pleasure of folks bustling up breathless to the booth and exclaiming, “Oh good, you are here! I came to the show just to find you.”
6 months ago at Hershey we were still introducing the concept of a cat exclusive grooming school and receiving a variety of reactions, even though the school had been operating successfully since its inception 6 months before that. Fast forward 6 months to Intergroom, and we are selling more curriculum related material and signing up students for the limited openings still available for the 2011 school year than Air Muzzles!
One of the most rewarding experiences for me was when Michael Penn, my former instructor from The Nash Academy of Animal Arts, came over to show us the face trim he had given his own cat the night before, all because he had picked up, “Here Kitty, Kitty” from me earlier in the day. Michael glowed with pleasure and enthusiasm because the simplicity of the face trim technique had inspired him so. I really can’t put into words the thrill it gave me to think, maybe, just maybe I was able to give a little back to Michael for all the love, support and guidance he so freely gave me while I was a bumbling student at Nash.
And yes, it was a beautifully done face trim on a gorgeous cat!

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