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Dear Diary,
I want to tell you a little more about the appointment I had the other day. Opie, a red mackerel tabby domestic longhair, has been taken to the vet for a groom in the past, but he was too much for them to handle without sedation, so his mom was a bit skeptical about whether or not it could be done. Nevertheless, she made an appointment.
When she arrived, I went through the typical first groom information, determined what groom would be best, explained what that groom entails, etc. Before I even removed Opie from his carrier, I could tell he would be easy to groom. He seemed a bit nervous but other than that, he was rather content.
His groom was just as easy as I had expected. He did growl a bit on the table, but he never actually attempted to do anything. He even allowed me to remove him from his carrier and show his off his groom to his mom upon her return. She was very pleased and almost couldn’t believe that he wasn’t just terrible during his groom.
Then she left. Without making another appointment.
I expect her to call me again, but it would have been nice for her to have pre-booked at least one more appointment. In fact, too few of my clients are scheduling appointments before leaving. The ratio of clients who are pre-booking to those who are not is too low, and I need to do something about that.
Of course, I can look back on my conversation with Opie’s mom and see plenty of opportunities for me to have encouraged her to make an appointment before she left. It’s a shame I didn’t recognize those opportunities while the conversation was actually occurring though. Perhaps, if I think enough about ways to casually incorporate it into the conversation, then I’ll better be able to do so when talking to a client.
I’m making more of an effort than thinking and planning, though. As Danelle suggested during the business lecture at school, I’m now offering a reward to clients who pre-book and keep their appointments. I ordered loyalty cards with space for 5 appointments. If a client schedules and keeps those 5 appointments, on the 5th appointment, they received either $15 off their groom or a free soft paw application.
Again, as Danelle suggested, clients can have a week before or after their pre-scheduled appointment for ‘wiggle room.’ That is, if something happens and they need to change the date, they will remain eligible for the reward if the re-scheduled appointment falls no more than one week before or one week after the pre-scheduled date.

Maybe that will help.

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Oh yes, he definitely needs a bath! An hour at AB Groom Spa made all the difference in the world!

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