Making Use of My Time

Dear Diary,
I have no cats to groom today. It’s cat day at the salon, but I have no appointments. Not to worry though. I become so busy during the week that I have found it difficult to work on promoting A. B. Grooming’s new cat grooming services. So, since I have no cats to groom on cat day, I worked to change that.
Most of Mom’s clients find her one of three ways: a vet refers them, another client refers them, or they stumble upon her website. The easiest for me utilize today is her website. I spent the day organizing my before and after photographs, writing content, and rearranging the layout to accommodate the new cat grooming information.
I would have rather purchased the website content from NCGIA and adjusted it accordingly, but that will likely have to wait until I’m a separate business with a separate website. Oh, and until I have some money. The thing about not having many clients is that I also have limited income, so I have to keep the cost of everything in mind.
It would be easier and less time consuming for me to pay someone else, but then I would require the money to pay them. One day that won’t be a problem. For now, though, I have to work with what I have.
What I have is a very supportive mother who has graciously given me the freedom to use her business to promote cat grooming. Also, what I have is time. No clients today means no money, but it also means I had all day to write myself a bio, list and explain my services along with their prices, post pictures, and address a few of the concerns owners have regarding cat grooming.
While I was at it, I added a blog to the website as well. Yes Diary, this means I will be writing to more than just you. I have more than enough to keep me busy already, but I can find time to write something at least once a month.
For the first blog post, I decided to finally get around to that press release that I’ve been meaning to write, announcing my graduation from the school and our new cat grooming services. As I published the press release, I was prompted to announce the update via Facebook, but we don’t have a Facebook page for A. B. Grooming, which led me to creating one.
All in all, it’s been a rather productive day. One thing has been leading to another, and now the website is updated, a new blog is started, and a Facebook page has been established. I guess not having any cats to groom wasn’t such a bad thing.

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