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After many years of using and recommending the same degreaser shampoo to groomers around the world, I am pleased to announce that I have my own degreasing shampoo: Chubbs Bars!

Over the past months it became increasingly difficult to obtain the shampoo I had been using for years. When traveling to other countries to conduct workshops, seminars and other forms of training, it was impossible to obtain a decent degreaser shampoo to produce the results that were needed to create a quality groom. I was frustrated with this “weak link” in the chain of providing quality cat grooming around the world. Our members were getting frustrated. People I’ve never met were getting frustrated and sending emails with a request to create a comparable degreaser and make it readily accessible. How could I not do something about this?

After working with a shampoo manufacturer as well as a couple different chemists, I still did not have a shampoo that I was satisfied with. I needed something that would actually degrease thoroughly, leave a show quality finish to the various coat types, and be safe to use on cats and kittens. This was a daunting task! After a lot of unsuccessful trying I was ready to give up.

And then…….I made a Chubbs Bar, named after my Persian cat who gave his seal of approval on the degreaser shampoo bar by flaunting his beautiful, fluffy coat still days after a Chubbs scrub. A few weeks later I debuted the Chubbs Bars while on tour in Australia. Upon my return to the US 3 weeks later, I set to work to establish full out production of this new and innovative degreaser shampoo bar and make it readily accessible to groomers around the world. (I am currently working on the set up of distributorship in several foreign countries. In the meantime, orders can be processed and shipped from the US.)

temp-post-image Chubbs Bars are sold by the individual 4 oz bar as well as by the pound and are shipped world wide. They can be ordered via the Chubbs Bar website or from any of our distributors around the globe.

While initially created for use on cats (safe for cats and kittens over 12 weeks of age), the Chubbs Bars have successfully been used on a variety of dog breeds by some of my groomer friends. They have reported that the Chubbs Bars work well on greasy coats and particularly on problematic areas such as greasy ear areas and more. I've heard great things about their use on Cocker ears and Yorkie coats and as a general all-purpose get-the-grime-out shampoo. Also great on stains!

I invite you to use a Chubbs Bar on both dogs and cats. There are many benefits, both economically and ecologically. For more info check out the Chubbs Bars website.

Canadians....check out the Chubbs Bars Canada site!

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