Not Every Day’s a Winner

Dear Diary,
Sigh. I should be writing about how uber awesome cat school is, and how much I’m learning and how wonderful life in general is. But really, I’m just kinda bummed.
I can’t put my finger on it. I’ve passed most of my written exams already. I feel confident that I’ll be able to pass my practicals. Everyone at school is great. I love Danelle and Juli, they’re fabulous teachers and all around nice people. Dana is a sweetie. She greets us each and every morning with a big smile and gets the coffee going. The other students are wonderful. We all have so much in common, and so much to share. I can’t leave out Monica and C2! They always bring a smile to my face, especially when they wander through the classroom and we all stop our lesson to admire them.


I did a Persian face trim today!

I’m surrounded by a fantastic, amazing group of people. They all love cats and cat grooming. Everyone is friendly and very kind. We’re all working toward the same goal, becoming better groomers. Educating the world about cat grooming.
This morning we had a class on web marketing. It was supposed to be Ben, from Drum Creative, a web marketing company. He couldn’t make it, so Danelle took over. With almost everything being done over the internet these days it’s really important to have a good website. Aesthetically pleasing, with the right content, in just the right amount. Which can be hard. A lot of free-design-your-own websites leave a lot to be desired and it’s hard to project a professional image using them. One of the cool things about Drum Creative is they offer a low cost (with no up front set up fee!) web design for cat school grads. That makes it way easier to get started! Plus, they do good work, I really liked how they set up sites and the overall look. Very appealing.

Encouraging. So why do I feel so bummed out?
Maybe it’s because it all seems like so much work. Dog grooming is pretty well accepted now. Cat grooming is still way out there for most people. It’s a novelty. Fun to look at, but probably not something to waste hard earned money on. After all, cat groom themselves!
Yeah, and the Sun revolves around the Earth, which is, of course, flat.
I wonder if other people that changed modern thinking ever got depressed and wanted to throw in the towel. Did George Washington ever think it would be easier to just put up with British? Did Gandhi ever say ‘screw it’ and have a big dinner? Should I really be comparing myself/cat grooming to such important people?
I felt better during the grooming part of the day. After all, it’s hard to feel bad when you’ve changed a dirty, greasy cat from a lump of bad temper and mats into a soft, squeaky clean love bug! Doing, not thinking. It’s usually easier. But now that the ‘I groomed that!’ high is over and I’m alone in my hotel room, the doubts creep in.
I think the remedy, at least for tonight, is to finish up researching for my health presentation and try to get most of it written. Eat a yummy dinner. Study. Tomorrow is an all groom, all the time day. I’m here to learn. My Save the World – One Dirty Cat at a Time crusade can wait. After my time soaking up knowledge here is done, I can go back home and work on changing the common folks preception of cat grooming. In my community, one cat owner at a time.
That’s my plan. Oh, and to stop watching the History Channel right before bed. Sheesh.

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