Passing Ev’ry Test!

Dear Diary,
In case you were wondering, I did, in fact, pass my exam on Friday! Whoo hooo! AND, I passed my breeds exam this morning! That’s 2 steps closer to being a CFMG! I’m so excited!!!!!!
But wait! There’s more! We also had the business exam today. And guess what? I PASSED!!!!
That’s 3 exams done and all passed! Not bad for a Monday, eh?

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After all that testing, I was ready to put down my pen and pick up a cat. Today’s group of kitties were a lot less combative, but they made up for it in another ‘fun’ way.
Lots of pee.
Got your freshly bathed, squeaky clean kitty a-l-m-o-s-t dry in the Catty Shack Vac? Ready to pull him out and finish up? Yes? Every thing’s perfect? Yea – oh, look. He peed. All over his fluffy tail. Back in the tub. Got kitty on the table? Finishing up a picture perfect comb cut? Kitty looking like a little teddy bear? Yup. Teddy wets the bed. Back in the tub. Walking down the hall with your kitty? Start feeling a little damp? Ewwwww. That might be the worst. Spare grooming clothes are a good thing to have!
Of course, some cats pee mid bath. Which is great! It’s less likely they’ll pee again, and it’s in the tub. Easy clean up for both the cat and everything around it. Like me. Of course, none of my cats chose to do that today.
That is one downside to grooming cats. They rarely do their business on command. Having poorly timed tinkles or poos is pretty normal. Well, normal. It’s usually not ‘pretty’. It’s normal for a cat to go once or twice during the grooming process. A stressed cat will eliminate frequently. A sure sign to STOP. And not because you need to clean up. Repeated elimination, especially if the cat is aggressive, is a sure sign of a highly stressed cat.
We didn’t have any of that today. Thank goodness! And it did give us all a chance to practice our bathing and drying techniques. You know, Diary, it’s really easy to find a silver lining when you’ve passed almost all the written tests and that CFMG title is in sight! I feel like I can take on the world. Climb ev’ry mountain! Groom ev’ry cat! Follow ev’ry rainbow… ‘Til you clean all the pee!

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