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Sunday, May 12, 2013 5:15 am local time
Once again I am aboard a Delta jet, en route to Greenville, SC. This time I am flying back home from Saskatchewan, Canada. After being in two very brown places recently (Kuwait City and Regina) I am eager to return to my super green Greenville. And of course, to my family. I miss them so much!

The workshop event at Zoom Zoom Groom was well attended, the hospitality was fabulous, and the dog groomers have all been duly converted to cat grooming. I’d say, a successful event when all is said and done.

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I was a bit too busy to take many photos, but I did manage to snap a pic of both Zoomie, the diva of Zoom Zoom Groom Salon and Academy and her sidekick, Zippurr, who was my demo cat on Friday. Zoomie made sure to communicate to Zippurr what she thinks about her new super short hair do. Zippurr, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to really care what Zoomie thinks about it as she is now the one getting all the attention. You gotta love cats!

I also took a photo of this unique kitty, a rather flashy Sphynx-Bengal cross with the softest of coats and the most amazing silver classice tabby pattern. She belongs to one of the staff at Zoom Zoom Groom, and unfortunately I have already forgotten the cat’s name. Needless to say, she was a treat to see.

I will be home for a few weeks, returning to warm weather, blooming foliage, and a pile of projects underway at the NCGIA. The team has been busy cooking up new ideas, managing mountains of paperwork, designing new projects, and welcoming a new member to the NCGIA team (more on that later!). I am thankfu for the many new opportunities and the explosion of NCGIA training around the world! We rock! And I’m not afraid to say it outloud. What a fabulous group of people there are in this association – people who are genuinly serious about being the best they can be, serious about being professionals, serious about high standards and accepting nothing less. The few, the proud, the Elite! I truly love working with these folks.

Check out this Danelle Drops In video interview below with Connie and her wonderful staff!

Part of the Danelle Drops In series by the NCGIA, Inc. Danelle drops in on Connie Buchanan, CFMG and owner of Zoom Zoom Groom and PreZoomably Cats in Regina, SK.

In June I will be heading to Sydney for a 4 day event called AusGroom. Then northward to Brisbane to teach a workshop at Nose 2 Tail Spa, hosted by Reeda Close, a graduate of our school and Australia’s first CFMG. After that, I’ll head south to Melbourne area for another event at Clipper World, hosted by Kylie Tatti and her team. Thanks to PIAA and Wahl Clipper Australia for planning, hosting, and arranging all of the many details to make this happen. I look forward to being in Australia once again. (Wahl Clipper rocks too! Thank you, Richard, for what you are doing to make this all happen in Oz!)

Thank you to Connie Buchanan, her husband Randy, and the staff and students of Zoom Zoom Groom. It was a pleasure. I look forward to seeing you all again in the near future. (I truly appreciated the many Starbucks runs!)

Yay, NCGIA! Saving the world one cat at a time!

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