Purrfect Ending to Another Week

Yesterday at the NCGIA, Lynn and I finished off our work day by unloading 330 lbs of freight delivered to our door. On the pallet, packed neatly into small boxes, was the inaugural edition of our Purrfect Pointers Magazine! We could hardly wait to tear into the boxes to see this new magazine for the first time in full-color print form! Forty pages of cat grooming goodness, complete with a very Vogue-like cover. I inhaled the scent of freshly printed 70# paper as I pulled the first copy out of a box. Ahhhhh.


Folks, I am excited to offer the first ever magazine expressly for the cat groomer. It’s about time!
What started out as the NCGIA’s quarterly Purrfect Pointers print newsletter back in 2007, has now become a 40-page full-color magazine which will be mailed direct to all current NCGIA members. I may even find a use for any leftover copies at some of my seminars in Hershey next month. Who knows?
This new publication is the latest addition to the ever-expanding line-up of NCGIA member benefits which currently includes downloadable client forms, floor plans, salon equipment lists, planning tools, over 40 hours worth of webinar content, the world’s finest feline certification program and more!
Since we start school on Monday, with a new batch of cat grooming students, they will be the first to get their magazine copy. Lucky them 🙂


Even before this first issue arrived on our doorstep, we had already made a layout and design plan for our next issue. There is a lot of work to be done!


Before I start with that, though, I’m going to fix myself a frothy latte and settle down with my new magazine on the back deck for some quiet reading time. I hope you enjoy your weekend as I plan to enjoy mine.

Words of thanks:
Thanks to Lynn Paolillo, head instructor at the NCGIA, for her many contributions to this publication through sharing of ideas, writing, research, photo collection and so much more!
Thank you to Kevin Beck of Cat and the Fiddle for the generous use of his amazing photos for the cover and table of contents. (PS. Kevin did hair for both the human and feline model on the cover!)
Thanks to his photographer, Paula Whitten, for her outstanding work.
Thanks to Rob Wharton of Mouse Clix design for over a decade of design work for my various cat-related business enterprises and for the outstanding work on this magazine.
Thanks to Rachel Diller, Seta Chorbadjian, Kevin Beck, Justine Cosley and Allennia Voerster for their contributions to the magazine through written material as well as photos. And much appreciation to the CFMGs who took time to answer our Roundtable Q.
And thank you to our advertisers! To Wahl, Romani and Smart Practice – we could not do this without you!

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