Ready for Anything!

Dear Diary,
My two weeks at cat school is over. I can’t believe that first thing tomorrow morning I leave sunny South Carolina and head home. I feel like I’ve been here forever. At the same time, it seems like I just got here!
I’ve learned so much here. And not just about cats. I learned about business management and development. Marketing, advertising, setting policies, record keeping, attracting and keeping clients. How to teach clients what they need to know to keep their cat happy, healthy and well groomed. And how to radiate confidence and knowledge. Maybe most importantly, how to look good doing it!
Of course I learned So. Much. about cats and grooming. What ‘goes wrong’ and how to fix it. How to prevent it in the future to keep kitty happy. Or at least, tangle free and clean. And there’s many things that can ‘go wrong’ to a cat, grooming wise. Body oil build up, mats, excess shedding, greasy coats, dandruff, mats, acne, overgrown faces, oily coats, caked on fecal matter, over grown nails, grease, dirty, waxy ears, mats, tangles and greasy hair, oh my.
Did I mention cats tend to be greasy?
I learned how to better read a cats attitude. How to prevent an angry kitty, but what to do when kitty is ANGRY. ‘Cause if there’s one thing we had these past few weeks, it was angry kitties!
Plus I learned why. Why things are a certain way. Why the aggressive cat (especially) shouldn’t be allowed to get matted. Why the creams gets matted more than their red coated friends. Why a cat should never be ‘pushed’. Why using certain words and phrases works. Why people don’t respond when you call them by their sister in laws cats name.
Why? Because they’re not sure what’s wrong with you and they’d rather ignore you til you “work out your problems”. But they will smile and be polite, because this is the South and ladies have manners!
I will miss Dana a whole lot!
I’ll miss everyone a whole lot. I’ll miss Juli helping me with that really aggressive cat and sharing pointers and jokes in equal measure. I’ll miss Danelle, telling us anecdotes from everything bizarre thing she’s done with cats to teaching us how to do the job with a smile and a good attitude, along with that anal juice in our hair. I’ll miss the other students. They all had their own hopes, expectations and journeys through these two weeks.
And the cats. Oooh, I’ll miss the cats. Monica and C2, the school cats. Nothing is better than having a beautiful cat waltz through the classroom during a lecture! And the student groom cats. The nice cats, the mean cats, the scaredy cats. They all taught me something, even it was to be grateful that I’m me, and not that guy over there (who’s shaving that screaming, peeing, biting cat.)
Sorry, Diary. I got distracted by a waking nightmare of *that* cat. Where was I..? I guess what I’m trying to say is that I learned more in 12 days than I ever thought possible. Heck, there’s more to cat grooming than I ever thought possible!
And of course, I also learned something about myself. (Hang on, I need to find some sappy music.) I learned that I’m more capable than I ever thought. I can leave home for several weeks and be fine. Heck, I can thrive. I can be in a strange town, by myself and have a great time. I can make new friends. I can sleep at night without my own kitties curled up next to me. I learned I’m able to learn. Some of our classes were intense. We had to learn a lot of precise, technical information in a short time. I can do that. I can take notes, pay attention during a lecture. I can take a difficult test and write an essay. I can do mini research papers and presentations. I can give my own little lecture in front of my peers, my teachers, and a judgemental Persian cat.
I don’t know if it’s the subject or the teachers, but this is everything high school and college wasn’t. I learned.
And now I have a whole new career path ahead of me. I could groom cats exclusively. I could groom cats and dogs. I could never groom a cat again. I can sell my dirty cat hair for $$$$. And it’s my choice. It’s part of a choice I made why back when, when I first heard about the National Cat Groomer’s Institute of America.
P.S. I will continue grooming cats! I’m just sayin’.
So tomorrow I go home. To see what life has to offer for a brand new CFMG. You never know what’s going to happen. I hope my future holds lots of kitties to groom. It might not. But I have the tools to create whatever future I want. It’s up to me. And I’m ready for it.
Bring on the kitties!

temp-post-image temp-post-image

Blowing out the mats and tangles in the Catty Shack Vac. After some careful work and nifty handling skills, the coat looks like it was meant to look.


Clean, fluffy, de-matted and looking good!

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