Dear Diary,
Like the students at the school, I love celebrating firsts. Today was the first time I groomed a cat for the second time! Soleil, a tiny black domestic longhair, came in for a full coat longhair groom today. If you remember, her mom recently noticed that she might be developing allergies to Soleil. I explained to her what would be causing the allergies and how a groom would help alleviate her symptoms.
A few weeks passed after Soleil’s first groom, and I received a call. Sherri wanted to follow up with me and let me know that nothing helped her nightly coughing and sneezing more than Soleil’s bath, but she was starting to cough again, so we scheduled her another appointment.
She brought Soleil in today for a bath and all went well! Soleil is very much a diva and doesn’t like to do what she doesn’t want to do, but her general fussiness was nothing I couldn’t handle, especially since I knew to anticipate her behavior.
When Sherri returned, I had another first. She pre-booked her next appointment! We talked about a schedule, and since Sherri is either only mildly allergic or Soleil does not frequently lick herself, we decided to try five weeks. If that is too long and she begins experiencing symptoms before she returns, we will try four weeks, adjusting the schedule accordingly until it’s just right.
It must seem silly for me to be quite so pleased by these firsts. Here I am excitedly grinning because I groomed the same cat twice and will be grooming her again for a third time in a few weeks. To others, I am just grooming a cat, but to me, these are small steps towards a more grand achievement. These steps are part of my dreams coming to fruition, if I may be so cliché as to refer to this as the beginning of a ‘dream come true.’
Speaking of dreams, all this excitement has me exhausted. I think I could stand for more literal dreaming right about now.
Soleil may hate me, but she loves looking beautiful.


Soleil, after her day at the spa 🙂

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