Superstar Cat Groomer in Canada - Sally Staples

Congrats to Sally Staples, British Columbia’s first CFMG! Directly after graduating from the National Cat Groomers School in January, Sally has been on a media blitz of magnificent proportions. Below is an excerpt of Sally’s article that will appear in our upcoming spring issue of ePurrfect Pointers newsletter. (In your email box March 22nd! Sign up for this free publication on our website – top right of page.)
Also below are links to some of the articles that have profiled Sally and her accomplishments. (She also made it to TV and radio – check the upcoming ePurrfect Pointers to see more!)
Well done, Sally! Happy cat grooming in Canada!

“I had always had an eye on the CFMG certification. I really wanted to be able to publicize my business, as a news item rather than through paid advertising, and figured that being the first Certified Feline Master Groomer in my province would be newsworthy enough for me to attract media attention. (How right I was about that!)
School seemed unrealistic- too far to go, too much time away from home, too much money, and how much could they teach me, anyway? I was really good at cat wrangling, and I was picking up this grooming stuff. As of the Fall of 2012, I was looking into taking my practical exams at a conference, and proctoring the written exams. After a phone call with Dana, it was clear that that wasn’t going to happen very easily. I was so frustrated! Back at home that night, pacing and folding laundry (oh, those hairy cat towels!), I was off-loading all that frustration and out-of-reach dreams at my husband. His response was, “Just go to school! We’ll be fine without you for 2 weeks.” I sent an email to Dana, pretty much right then and there, and was enrolled in the National Cat Groomers’ School for January 2013.
So, that part about what could school teach me anyway? It turns out that school was amazing!

I can speak with much more knowledge and authority about breeds and colours and temperaments, and the relationship of genetics to all of those. It makes for good conversation with clients, allows me to become an authority on cats in their eyes, and I can thus guide their decision-making around grooming and health care choices.

My handling skills, already pretty good, are really fantastic now. I did a mini-groom on a very fractious cat last week, who in the past has needed up to 3 people at the vet clinic to keep her controlled. By holding her scruff and hind legs, I got her under control, and was able to manipulate her into positions to get that poopy mess shaved off her back end. The owner was blown away (maybe I was a bit, too)!
The biggest, best, most far-reaching lessons from school were definitely in….”

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