Underestimating the Reward

Dear Diary,
After I groomed Harley for Dr. B, I asked Linda for a favor. I had contacted a few local shelters to donate my services to adoptable cats, but no one had returned my calls or emails. Knowing that Animal House Veterinary Clinic does more than its share of volunteer work with local shelters, I asked Linda to put in a good word for me with one of the directors. “Maybe they’ll take my offer more seriously, if she contacts them too,” I figured. More than happy to help, she called two different shelters the very next day to let them know what I had in mind and wanted to do.
This left me with no excuses to not call the shelter. You know how I both procrastinate and despise talking on the phone, so I had been racking my brain for reasons I couldn’t make the call. There were none left though. Linda had done the legwork for me. It was now up to me to make things happens.
Before my appointment this morning, I made a call to the shelter, explaining that Linda had called on my behalf recently and that I had two free appointment slots this afternoon. The director was a very friendly lady and surprisingly easy to talk to, agreeing that cats can love a ‘day at the spa’ just as much as dogs.
As soon as my 9 o’clock left, I headed to pick up Cali, a large calico domestic shorthair who lives at the shelter, and Cindy, a red tabby domestic shorthair with beautiful classic tabby markings. I chatted with the director for a bit before leaving and learned that before becoming the director, she had been managing the cat section of the rescue, as they had a special place in her heart. I knew right away I would enjoy helping her.
Unfortunately, the weather was taking a turn for the worse when I returned with the clean, freshly groomed cats. With the tornado sirens blaring, I had no time to chat or get a reaction to the grooms, but I do plan to return again. There were quite a few cats available for adoption, and I know they could all benefit from a trip to the spa.

temp-post-image I initially thought of this experience as primarily a business venture – a way to practice grooming cats, perhaps offer a discounted groom to recently adopted cats, further educate others about the benefits of cat grooming, etc. However, I underestimated the rewarding feeling of potentially helping Cindy find a home and at the very least making her feel beautiful.

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