Charitable Causes

Charitable Causes

The NCGIA has exceeded its goal for charity cat grooms this year! With just under 400 cats from rescues groomed to purr-fection, we are pleased to have helped these kitties in the journey to find new homes.

Each year, the NCGIA gives away hundreds grooms to rescued cats! We work with several local cat rescue organizations such as Greenville Animal Care to provide their kitties with quality grooms. After a day of beautification, these kitties quickly find homes.

In fact, a number of students have fallen in love with the rescue cat they were grooming and have taken them home!

Did you know that even cat hair can be recycled? Cat hair, much like wool, can be used to create a variety of fiber-based works of art. Hobbyists use our cat hair to spin yarn which can be knit or crocheted just like any other yarn! Finding uses for this grooming by-product keeps bags of cat hair out of the landfill.

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