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The National Cat Groomers Institute developed it's first online courses in August 2015, being the first organization in the industry to offer remote training through a series of comprehensive online courses built from content gathered during our years of operating the world's only feline-exclusive grooming school. 

Some online courses are free to all, some are free to NCGIA members, some are exclusively for CFMGs, and all others are paid courses that anyone can purchase and participate in at their convenience. Once bought, they are owned for a lifetime with no expiration date, truly offering the ultimate in personal convenience.

While nothing replaces what can be learned through hands-on instruction by an instructor with live cats, the NCGIA courses lay the perfect foundation needed to master the art of understanding feline temperament as well as learning the handling skills necessary to work with all sorts of felines and develop the necessary confidence needed to be successful. This is truly at the heart of the NCGIA's worldwide success since its inception in May 2007. Our courses include mastery of various grooming styles, clipper techniques, product and tool usage best suited to cats, knowing when to make the right decisions for each and every client's cat, and discovering the invaluable knowledge that allows a groomer to communicate effectively with clients in order to build a healthy, growing cat grooming business with clients on a 4-6 week schedule. 

Simply put we guarantee our courses to be the very best the industry has to offer, providing real training in the art of feline grooming. Because we know you groom real cats! Since we do too, and we've made a lifelong career out of building a world-wide cat empire with folks just like you, we bring you the absolute best. Guaranteed! 

Intro to Cat Grooming – Is Cat Grooming Right for You?


Find out the potential opportunities and benefits there are for skilled cat groomers and whether or not you have what it takes to be one of the few, the proud, the elite – a CFMG.

Member Benefits

FREE* (For current NCGIA Members)

All the NCGIA member goodies are included in this free online course. Over 40 hours of interviews, webinars, and lectures are organized by topic, almost 50 articles covering business growth, advertising, and client relations, and salon designs, layouts and articles to help build your cat grooming business.


Complete Cat Groomer Training Syllabus


Ready to dive into your cat grooming career? Get a full training program with our 10-week bootcamp! The Complete Cat Groomer Training Syllabus includes 2 books, 5 DVDs, 12 online courses, and access to a private Facebook group where our instructors guide you through the program! Click the link above to see more details about our most popular training program!

Cat Grooming Basics – Foundation to Success!


This 6-week course is designed to provide a thorough foundation in cat grooming knowledge and techniques. Great for groomers of all experience levels, it is a guided program that includes feline temperaments, breeds, health concerns, grooming tools & equipment, handling skills, extensive video demonstrations and so much more!

The Bath: Why and How


A solid bathing routine is imperative for a flawless finish on your cat grooms. This course is designed to not only provide techniques on thoroughly bathing cats, but also why a groom is not complete without a bath.

The Lion Cut


This mini-course is an in-depth look at the most popular cat trim: the lion cut. Follow along as Danelle instructs and demonstrates tips and tricks for getting the perfect lion cut every time on a wide range of cats.

The Face Trim


Having trouble getting the perfect expression on Persians, Himalayans and Exotics? This course provides an in-depth examination on the Face Trim. Based on show standards, the Face Trim is the finishing touch to any perfectly groomed Persian.

Grooming the Aggressive Cat


Many groomers struggle with handling and grooming aggressive cats. This course covers the steps needed to minimize risk, make sound choices, and get the job done with great results.

Senior Cats


The Senior Cats online course is designed to aid groomers to adjust grooming procedures to limit stress and discomfort for senior cats. This course addressing scheduling, adapting each element of the grooming process, common health problems, and recommendations for the senior cat’s living environment.

Business Development


This course includes a recording of Danelle German’s 3-hour business development lecture given to all graduating classes at the National Cat Groomers School from 2010-2015. The course includes activities designed to help groomers set and achieve both personal and business goals, taking dreams from a fuzzy idea to a profitable reality. Topics covered include setting goals, creating tactics to reach goals, writing a mission statement, developing a plan of attack to address obstacles, raise prices, and so much more!

Marketing 101


In this course, Danelle explains how to get a cat grooming business marketing plan off on the right foot. The task is broken down into attainable steps that anyone can master if they set their mind to it.

Written Exam Study Prep


Interested in beginning your CFMG certification journey? These online study packets are required before taking any of the 4 written exams. This course contains all the information necessary for taking these tests.

Breeds, Colors, Coat Types Exam Study Aids


Still confused about cat breeds and colors? This course contains additional study materials, flashcards, quizzes and more to help you master these topics before taking the Breeds, Colors & Genetics written exam.

*Does not include the study packet required for taking this written exam.

Health & Anatomy Exam Study Aids


Still confused about viruses, illness, symptoms and more? This course contains additional study materials, flashcards, quizzes and more to help you master these topics before taking the Health & Anatomy written exam.

*Does not include the study packet required for taking this written exam.

Temperament & Handling Exam Study Aids


This course contains additional study materials, flashcards, quizzes and more to help you master these topics before taking the Temperament & Handling written exam.

*Does not include the study packet required for taking this written exam.

Nail Trims and Softpaws


Everything you need to know about trimming a cat’s nails, apply Softpaw nail caps and removing the caps. Includes handling techniques for those difficult kitties.

Upsells and Add-Ons


Includes over 90 minutes of seminar on the topic taught by Danelle German, founder of the NCGIA. Each topic is broken down into sections for ease of application. Who doesn’t want to increase their bottom line?

More online courses will be launched in the coming months.
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