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Cat groomer training developed by the NCGIA and used worldwide by individuals as well as educational institutions is now combined into an easy-to-follow Complete Training Syllabus. The syllabus is made up of 2 books, 5 DVDs, and 13 separate online courses making the training syllabus accessible to any one, allowing the opportunity to work through it at any pace, repeating content as often as desired. The Complete Training Syllabus is designed so students will discover how to handle and groom cats with finesse, work in an efficient and timely manner to complete each and every groom, and turn out amazing results every time. In addition, the Syllabus provides the tools and information needed to develop profitable pricing structures and business policies, train clients to re-book at an average of 6-week intervals, and market cat grooming services to gain new clients at a healthy pace.

Whether just starting out with cat grooming or having years of experience under your belt, the Complete Training Syllabus is exactly for you!

Note: some grooming professionals already own the following items, so we have created a version of the Complete Training Syllabus that contains only the 13 online courses. Please select the Online Course Syllabus if you already have the items listed below:

The Ultimate Cat Groomer Encyclopedia
Cat Handling Techniques for the Groomer
Here Kitty Kitty DVD
Cat with a Mat DVD
The Comb Cut DVD
Kryptonite for Cats DVD
Get a Grip DVD


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