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Students share about their experiences at the former National Cat Groomers school. The National Cat Groomers Institute was formed in the spring of 2007 for the purpose of setting and maintaining cat grooming standards, providing training and education, and awarding certification when training requirements are met. Today the NCGI offers free webinars, free content, private Facebook groups, online courses, a web store of product, hands-on training, grooming school programs, Boot Camp experience support, inspiration, motivation, and more! 

Danelle German discusses the history and purpose of the NCGIA.
This video contains footage of lecture and hands-on learning experienced by students during class at the former National Cat Groomers School. Check out the Complete Training Syllabus now offered as a remote learning substitute for the former school program. The Syllabus is available to anyone, anywhere, working at their own pace and includes inclusion in an exclusive Boot Camp experience.

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